A Brand New Start

I recently got kicked out from a certain institution and the experience inspires me to start a new blog. I used to have some old blogs in the other website, however I forgot the login name and password of the blogs. Thus, I decided to start a brand new blog in WordPress. I think the worst mistake that I did while writing in the old blogs is that I felt that I have to write the blog posts in perfect English grammar. The major consequences is of course I became quite lazy of posting new stuffs in the old blogs. I think to solve that problem, I simply have to force myself to write without caring too much about the English grammar. When I realize the mistake in the near future, I could easily edit the old posts. Hopefully, I could produce more interesting writings with this new mindset.

I hope the readers of the blog could learn something interesting from my writings (which at least I hope do not bore the readers to death). Enjoy your stay!

Cheers! 🙂